A dolphin here, a dolphin there

Sunday’s trip with Bimini Undersea was filled with friendly, happy guests, all eager to see the Atlantic spotted dolphins of Bimini. Unlike much of last week, the seas were calm and the skies were clear. Our day brought us quite a few dolphin sightings, including three separate mother/calf pairs (1st: unknown mother, 2nd: likely Niecey – #48, 3rd: suspected, but not confirmed Leslie – #80). We were able to see two of these pairs under water. It always feels like an extra special privilege to see such young dolphins. The calf of 3rd mom was appeared agitated by a small remora, which meant a great show of leaping for us! Our other dolphin sighting was a group of seven dolphins, including several juveniles and a couple of older calves. I was able to record a bit of underwater video, which of course I’m looking forward to reviewing.

Thanks to Bimini Undersea and all the wonderful passengers – and of course, the dolphins.

Until next time,