Oh, where, oh, where have my interns gone?

BIM11_T73_BusterID04Friday began with a farewell to the remaining two DCP summer interns. Alexis & Sabena departed Bimini this morning and Iā€™m already missing their assistance! For me, I had to prep for an afternoon dolphin trip ā€“ it seemed the skies were finally going to stay clear. Well, not only did the skies stay clear, but the seas relaxed to a wonderful calm state. We departed Sea Crest Hotel & Marina shortly after 15:00 and were pleased to be in the company of Atlantic spotted dolphins within an hour. At first it was at least a dozen individuals, with Buster (ID#04) stealing the show. His repeated leaps kept all of our camera shutters going.

Over the course of the afternoon we had several opportunities to observe the dolphins underwater and followed various individuals until nearly 19:00. The dolphins became quite scattered, but I was able to identify Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Lumpy (#17), Trudy (#57) and possibly Freckles (#15) and un-named #70, in addition to Buster. During one underwater encounter, we observed an adult and two youngsters playing with a box fish! It was a great show! As always a big thank you to the guests ā€“ their enthusiasm was contagious!

More dolphin trips next week,