It’s raining, it’s pouring, but onwards with dolphin research

After several eventful boat trip days the DCP team has switched researching in the field to processing data indoors as the remnants of Tropical Storm Emily passed by. TS Emily was forecasted to be in full force but thankfully dissipated into a little bit of wind and today, a whole lot of rain, that kept us inside. We may be low on sunshine and good weather but we are well supplied with data! Sabena and Alexis continued working on data projects such as the bottlenose photo-ID catalog and sighting data from the previous string of boat trips. Alexis worked on more pectoral fin event sampling throughout the rainy days, while Kel worked on next issue of the Dolphin Gazette (stay tuned!) and logging Bimini video data for individual IDs. A little rain cannot stop us dolphin-obsessed researchers!  We are hoping the next few days will bring a calm forecast and more exciting dolphin encounters!

Until next time,
Sabena, Alexis & Kel