Tricky Tursiops truncatus

Tuesday began with a talk to Bimini Undersea’s guests. What a wonderful group of people! Thank you for your interest in DCP and Bimini’s dolphins. The dolphin trips were yet again double duty with the DCP team split into two groups. Sabena and Alexis left the dock first at 15:09. There were many sightings of flying fish throughout the dolphin trip! The afternoon continued into the evening as we headed back with the realization that we probably would not have any dolphin sightings. However, at 19:25 a passenger spotted a group of six bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). Sabena quickly geared up and entered the water to gather still photos of the dolphins. However, the bottlenose were not interested in us and continued on their way. The encounter was short but we were ecstatic just to have a sighting! The sighting was a great way to end the trip at sunset.

Kel headed out at 15:44. Although Kel’s trip did not see any dolphins, the passengers were able to snorkel at “3 Sisters” and cool off during a swim break.  They too saw lots of flying fish and something large splashing around in the deep water! Despite the lack of dolphin sightings, it was an enjoyable day out on a calm sea with a great group of passengers. Thank you!

Until next time,
Sabena, Alexis & Kel