Difficult Dolphins

Monday’s dolphin trips once again split up the DCP team. We are so grateful to the two Bimini dolphin operators who donate space to us. And the summer internship program allows DCP to be in two places at once! Kel headed out at 13:40 and the passengers enjoyed a nice relaxing snorkel stop at The Bimini Road (aka Atlantis) and then resumed looking for dolphins two hours later. Kel was lucky enough to coordinate a swim break with the location of the SM2M unit (see Sat 30 July’s post for details). She’s happy to report that it’s right where we left it! Late in the day we saw a small group of spotteds, including un-named #75 and un-named #43, who was with a calf.  The dolphins were not interested in the humans, so after observing from the boat, we left the dolphins and headed back toward shore.

Sabena and Alexis headed out later in the afternoon. We were optimistic after our good dolphin trip yesterday, but unfortunately didn’t see any dolphins during our trip. Although it is always disappointing to get skunked, it goes with the territory of studying wild dolphins. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Until next time,
Alexis, Sabena & Kel

PS: Happy “August Monday” to everyone in The Bahamas! Do any of our readers know what “August Monday” celebrates?