Rain, Rain, Go Away…..Oh, wow. Thanks.

Friday morning (whoa, wait…it’s Friday already?) brought all four of us together as we began logging Bimini video data for individual IDs. This involves goingBIM11_T58_Tt through the video and marking, sometimes frame by frame, which individual dolphin(s) are in view. It’s a slow process, but makes all future research efforts much more efficient. And it’s oh so rewarding for dolphin geeks like us!

The afternoon brought more data entry and photo-ID for the interns while Kel headed out as an observer on a dolphin trip. There was pre-departure discussion about rescheduling the trip; there were quite a few squalls in the area and we were uncertain what the afternoon would bring. But, the group chose adventure and off we went! Although we did not see spotteds we were able to observe three bottlenose from the boat and then got a quick glimpse of another on the way home.

Tomorrow we’ll do some more data processing and perhaps have another boat trip!

Until then,
Kel, Alexis, Brittany & Sabena