Storms won’t stop us or the dolphins!

BIM11_T54_KMS_MVA_SfSaturday’s trip with Bimini Undersea began at 15:51 after a loud and wet thunderstorm passed over Bimini. Luckily for us, the weather cleared up just in time and the remainder of the day was a beautiful Bimini day! At 16:47 our boat captain thought she saw some splashing typical of dolphins, but when we got closer we couldn’t find them. However, 10 minutes later we saw something strange in the distance and went to check it out. To our surprise, it was a big loggerhead turtle swimming around the surface of the ocean! After we checked him out quickly we headed back on course in search of the dolphins. Luckily, about another 10 minutes we spotted a scattered group of about 9-10 spotted dolphins! This group included 3 calves and possibly #94, whose injury is already healing well. We jumped in for a swim with them; however the dolphins swam away before we could get a good look. We were quite surprised though, as we were heading back on the boat when all of a sudden there was a group, including Swoosh (#36) with us! We got a good swim and after they swam off we got back on the boat (for real this time). About 10 minutes later we saw another group of about 5 spotted dolphins! Stefran (#82) and un-named #43 were seen in this group. As the group seemed to be sticking around we hopped in the water and got our second swim with the dolphins! Eventually the dolphins left and we got back on the boat to head in toward shore. Stayed tuned for Sunday’s field report – that’s right, we have another dolphin trip planned!

Until then,
Alexis, Brittany, and Kel