Scattered and Hungry Dolphins!

BIM11_T44_TimID069Monday was a DCP filled day! It started out early with a talk with the Bimini Undersea’s passengers. We discussed what DCP’s research entails and answered many great questions from the curious passengers. Thank you all! After our talk it was time for dolphin trips and we had two trips as our trips were again split up. Brittany and Alexis headed out early at 13:02 and enjoyed a relaxed snorkel swim early on and then went in pursuit of the dolphins! However, it seemed as though the dolphins were not too interested in finding us! Luckily though, we found a scattered group of spotted dolphins (about 4) at 17:36 that were jumping and chasing fish. We followed them for a bit, but lost them, only to find them again a little later with some additional dolphins, including Stefran (#82). When we found them again they were still scattered about and possibly feeding. Eventually we felt that they were sticking around enough for a quick swim. We hopped in and got 2 quick swims with the group before they left us and saw Romeo (#10), Split Jaw (#22) and Tim (#69), among others. We eventually found them again, but as they seemed more interested in feeding then they were in us we left them and headed back toward the dock. Kel’s trip left at 15:58 and similarly had a hard time finding dolphins. However, they spotted the spotteds chasing fish at 18:47. She was able to confirm a single adult Atlantic spotted. Kel’s group headed back to the dock soon after. Hopefully tomorrow will have even more dolphins for all of us!

Until tomorrow,
Alexis, Brittany, and Kel