Greeted by rain and even some dolphins!

BIM11_T40_rainbowToday we (Brittany and Alexis) arrived in Bimini. We were greeted with a little bit of rain as we landed in the airport on South Bimini, but a few showers couldn’t stop us! After getting our luggage and clearing customs we headed over to North Bimini where we were met by Kel. We eventually got settled in and found out we had our first boat trip! We left at 15:35 with some overcast skies, but were almost immediately greeted by a small group of bottlenose dolphins (at least 3) once we got out of the channel. We spent about 7 minutes observing them and taking still photos of their dorsal fins and then left to continue our search for more dolphins. Unfortunately, those bottlenose dolphins would be the only dolphins we would see for the day. We searched and searched and searched, but no other dolphins could be found. Although we saw no other dolphins, we got to see some flying fish, fish bubbles and two rainbows during our trip. We started heading in around 19:00 to end our day out in the field. We hope our overcast days pass by and more dolphins come out for us to swim with!

Until next time,

Alexis, Brittany, and Kel