Officially summer?

We departed the Sea Crest Hotel & Marina shortly after 1500 on Saturday, with storm clouds on the horizon. Although they did not damper our spirits, they didBIM11_T31_nursing force us somewhat off course in our search for dolphins. We got a bit a rain, but thankfully the thunder and lightning stayed far away. Late in the day we got a glimpse of six spotted dolphins, including un-named #40. In total there were three adults and three calves – likely a trio of mother/calf pairs. Two bottlenose dolphins (including Tt06) joined the group, but they did not stay long. One of the calves, a male, was quite busy swimming belly up and we even got a glimpse of (likely) nursing (pictured here). The passengers were able to get a quick glimpse of the dolphins under water, and seeing them at all made the summer squalls worth it!

A short break from boat trips is coming up, but we’ll be back on the water soon!

Until then,