No dolphin swim, but a surf competition instead!

My Tuesday afternoon began with a DCP Q&A session with guests at Sea Crest. Although I (sadly) do not speak French, it was a great conversation. Thank you to those guests who helped with the translation!

Soon, I was picked up by Bimini Undersea and before we knew it, we were at ‘3 Sisters.’ The time passed so quickly with such great dolphin conversation! After a lovely snorkel stop, we were headed in search of dolphins. Hopes were dwindling as the afternoon progressed, but as I’ve said, if the dolphins have taught me anything, they have taught me patience. We did not get skunked after all: we came upon two adults, including un-named #24. They were mildly interested in the boat (and seemingly in each other), but soon the numbers grew and we were with eight dolphins: Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Lumpy (#17) and un-named #24 and #75. Although we were all wishing for a swim, we were glad to have the chance to watch these busy dolphins surf – if only we could do that!

More dolphin trips to come this week!

Until then,