What rough weather?

As we prepared for Sunday’s dolphin trip, we couldn’t help but wonder how much we were going to be able to search for dolphins. The weather forecast was not in our favor, yet, the conditions seemed to be improving. So, we headed out and were pleasantly surprised with the calm conditions! The sky was only partly cloudy and as the seas continued to calm, the guests saw splashing in the distance. We headed over and were greeting by two young Atlantic spotted dolphins – it was hard to tell if they had developed their first spots, but we did not see any adults around them. They were chasing fish and one went on a leaping frenzy! It was amazing! Before we could attempt to observe the two under water, they were gone. On our way home, we also got a quick glimpse of Tilly (#87). She did not stay by the boat very long and we did not see anyone else with her. Of course, just because we did not see any other dolphins does not mean they were not there; but it is very unusual to get such a quick glimpse of Tilly who is normally quite interactive with us.

All in all, a great day! Stay tuned from updates throughout the week.

Until next time,