Hello Harkomal!

DCP would like to extend a big hello to Harkomal, a fifth grader participating in DCP’s Online Classroom Connection program.  Hello Harkomal!  He’ll be spending time learning about dolphins over the next month and sharing what he learns with his classmates.  Today, I’ll be directing him to particular areas of this website.  All of you out there are welcome to play along too!

So, Harkomal, my name is Kelly Melillo Sweeting.  Let’s start with a sort of internet scavenger hunt to help you get to know me, DCP, our dolphins and our website.  Read below – and just check in with your teacher if you have questions:

What does DCP stand for?  Can you find the ‘What is DCP’ link?  We study 3 different species (types) of dolphins in 3 different countries – do you know what and where they are?  When we study wild dolphins away from the United States, do we chase or touch them?  Should you? Using this website (or another resource) can you find the Latin or scientific names for the dolphin species we study? There is an episode of The DolphinPod called ‘The Dolphin Species Song.’ What do you think of that?

Can you find my short biography?  Where was I born?  Do you know where I got my Master’s degree? Do you know the title of my thesis?

I lead DCP’s Bimini field site.  Can you find the link to DCP’s Research Sites?  What country is Bimini in?  Can you find it on a map?

Later, check out “Dolphin Speak” a behavior game under ‘About Dolphins.’ There, you’ll meet DCP’s Director, Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski. And hopefully you’ll learn some new things about dolphin behavior too!

Talk to you soon!