Dolphins Wanted

Bimini2010_T6_029We began Monday learning about sampling methods for observing behavior and discussed how dolphins use sound to communicate in their ocean environment. We learned the role of their melon and air sacks for making sound and using echolocation. We then moved onto photo-ID of the photographs we took yesterday. We were able to confirm the following IDs: Romeo (#10), White Blotch (#29), Lil’Jess (#35), Nemo (#76), Speedy (#78), un-named #92 (#48’s calf) and possibly ID#71. White Blotch is pictured here with 2 young dolphins in the background.

 We departed the dock at 1527. At 1604, our captain saw another turtle! We covered our entire study area, heading as far north as our survey area goes. Unfortunately we did not see any dolphins. Our captain did saw a big splash at 1658, but it was far in the distance. By the time we reached the area, there were no dolphins to be found.

We returned to the dock at 1955. After our BBQ dinner, we watched half of the film, “Why dogs smile and chimpanzees cry.” It focused on the importance of the mother-offspring bond and play behavior. We are optimistic about seeing more dolphins on our next survey! Especially because our final student (who was delayed) will join us! 

Until then,

UNB Squad