Wind won’t stop us!

Bimini2010_SCSTtMonday afternoon’s dolphin trip was bumpy and well, dolphin-free. Although we kept our spirits high and stayed optimistic, we did not see any dolphins. On Tuesday morning, the SCS team had a chance to explore North Bimini, including the small museum. At 1430, we left the dock. We chatted with our captain and prepared ourselves for even choppier seas. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, was a bottlenose dolphin! We became very enthusiastic only to lose sight of the dolphin. Moments later, we saw a couple more and this time, we did not lose sight of them for more than 90 minutes! The majority of this time was spent with the SCS team in the water (pictured here), observing five bottlenose dolphins “crater feeding,” while Kel stayed aboard the boat collecting dorsal fin photographs. She joined in the water toward the end, recording approximately 10 minutes of video data. Suddenly, the dolphins were out of sight – we did not know whether they went north or south, but we were thrilled to have had such a long observation on such a choppy day! 

Until next time,

Kel & the 2010 SCS Team