Some choppy weather and then, some dolphins!

The weather kept us back at the dock a bit this week. We did have a dolphin trip on Tuesday, but it was abbreviated because the chop was too severe for this week’s guests to safely get on and off the boat. So, we headed back to the dock hoping Mother Nature would calm down. On Wednesday the conditions were not any better, so it was a computer day. Thankfully, Thursday was significantly calmer so we headed out for the group’s final day. We had to wait awhile, but we did see two older calves/young juveniles. The water clarity was poor, but everyone was happy to get in the water. Back on the boat, we realized they were out of sight so we searched for new dolphins. We did find two more (apparently it was the day of twos!), including Addie (#84) and un-named #92. They were not interested in the boat and soon were out of view. It was only a few minutes later that we saw three more dolphins, including one or two that were in the first group! As they day came full circle, we had one more short swim before heading home, with the sunset chasing us. 

It looks there will be a bit of a break in dolphin trips over the next week, but stay tuned for more field reports before the end of the month! 

Until then,