Clear water, Friendly dolphins

A burst of high winds postponed our dolphin trip on Friday, but Saturday sure did work out well! We left the dock at 1530 and headed into calm seas, although there was a ground swell making the boat rock a bit. We were of course keeping our eyes out for dolphins, but it was once again them who found us. At first, we had Tina (#14), Speedy (#78) and Tilly (#87) checking out our bow and surfing in the swells. A larger group cruised through as well, so it was time to test the waters! Some of us hopped in first, including the MVA. The video data should show some good juvenile interactions, although some of the older dolphins did check out the background. On our second water entry, we also saw Lumpy (#17), Addie (#84) and, I think, Tim (#69). Hopefully I’ll get even more ID’s while reviewing the video! 

If the weather holds, there should be quite a few dolphin trips this week, so stay tuned! 

Until then,