Early bottlenose, very late spotteds

Bimini2010_T67_TtAfter the usual morning of email, paperwork and housework, I headed to the Sea Crest Hotel & Marina for a noon Intro to DCP talk to this week’s passengers (visiting researchers and students). As usual, it was a great audience – thank you! We departed the dock slightly early (1430) so that everyone could have a chance to snorkel the Bimini Road (aka “Atlantis”). Then it was time for dolphins…. 

We saw three different groups of bottlenose dolphins, with the second being just a “fly-by” from what appeared to be a lone dolphin. We continued in search of what we thought to be illusive spotted dolphins. We were heading back toward shore when the captain saw it – a splash – to the west. We headed into the setting sun uncertain of what he saw. But, there they were! At least 12 Atlantic spotted dolphins were around the boat, including Split Jaw (#22), Niecey (#48) and un-named #92. I’m hoping to ID more individuals when reviewing the video, even though visibility wasn’t great. It will be particularly interesting to review the video and acoustic data of Split Jaw and his interactions with three young dolphins. We arrived back to the dock in the dark, but happy! 

Until next time,