There were dolphins, then more dolphins and then, well, more dolphins!

Bimini2010_T64S2_TtSunday’s dolphin trip was very overcast and we were worried this would make it difficult to see the dolphins. Ha! They made sure to prove us wrong! We departed the dock at 1511 with Bimini Adventures and by 1628 we were eagerly watching a group of at least 4 bottlenose dolphins! They seemed to be on the move, so we were too. Moments later, we saw a separate group of 2 bottlenose dolphins. They cruised right under the bow of the boat, giving me the opportunity to capture this picture! In the next ten minutes, we saw two more small groups of bottlenose dolphins. Perhaps they were all headed to the same place? 

We continued our search for dolphins, hoping for Atlantic spotteds. At 1730, we found them! At first there were four young dolphins, including Tilly (#87) and un-named #79. They were soon joined by several mother/calf pairs and some adult males. The count grew to 18 individual dolphins, including Trudy (#57), Stefran (#82) and un-named #43 and 75. With the sun setting before 2000 now, we soon had to head back to the dock and were joined by two adults and two calves on the bow until 1846. We were sure that would be all the dolphins for the day, but we saw even more bottlenose dolphins on the ride home! 

Until next time,