Some work and some play!

Bimini2010_SeahorseFriday morning we all headed out to the Coral Reef II again to share some information about DCP. This week, instead of high school students, we met with some teachers from the Chicago area. They were a great audience with lots of questions and we were all invited to stay for lunch to continue our discussions! (Thanks for the great meal and conversation!)  

In the afternoon we had a day off from dolphin trips. We headed out on the boat for a fun-filled afternoon of reading, swimming, free diving, and eating with several other families from the island. As we were driving the boat to our beach spot, we saw several manta rays in the shallow water just a few feet from the beach! A few of us jumped in the water to investigate; it was really cool to watch it filter feed in the water! We think there were three altogether. Later in the day one of the kids discovered two small seahorses in a small tuft of seagrass under water. Everyone got to free dive down and check them out. It was the first time we had ever seen seahorses in the wild! Even on a day off wildlife finds us!  

Until next time, Janan, Cat & Kel