What a Finale!

Bimini2010_T58_Billy064Thursday we set off at about 15:20 on our last dolphin trip of the week. Everyone had a great time at the Bimini Road (aka Atlantis) for a nice snorkel and swim to cool off! Then we headed off to look for dolphins, and at about 17:00 we found them! We came across a large group of at least 10 spotted dolphins, including Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Whiteblotch (#29), Lil Jess (#35), Speedy (#78), and 3 young calves. We jumped in for a swim and even more dolphins joined us including un-named #43. We eventually left the water because the dolphins were scattered around the boat feeding. We watched them feed from the boat for awhile, and then a bit later they started playing around the boat again so we got to try another swim! It was a FANTASTIC swim with lots of dolphins, including the dolphins from earlier plus SplitJaw (#22), Trudy (#57), Billy (#64, pictured here), Tim (#69), Tilly (#87), and un-named #91. They stayed with us for quite some time and even let us observe them mating! Finally everyone returned to the boat and the passengers celebrated with conch salad and rum punch on the ride home. Then, at about 19:00, we even had a quick glimpse of 2 bottlenose dolphins! What a great way to end a super week!  

Until next time,

Janan, Cat & Kel