Dolphin Acrobatics

BIM10_T57_YoungSfsWednesday was a great day for dolphins! As per usual we set out around 16:00 with another gorgeous sunny day. The winds were calm and right away we saw dolphins! Three bottlenose dolphins were in the distance, and eventually they came close to the boat so we could check them out. They didn’t seem interested in staying though, so we continued on towards the dolphin grounds, even skipping our snorkel stop! We were rewarded with another brief bottlenose sighting at about 17:00; just one lone dolphin (or so it appeared). Apparently it was leading us to other dolphins because lo and behold 5 minutes later we saw a large group of active spotted dolphins! They were jumping and leaping out of the water! Because the day was so calm and flat we could see them leap and splash far in the distance. Eventually we caught up to them and they really enjoyed riding our bow and leaping in the wake behind the boat. We saw Billy (#64), Speedy (#78), Tilly (#87), un-named #84, as well as 3 playful calves. The dolphins hung around for quite awhile and we had the chance to swim with them three times! The third time was a bit exciting because we were in a sea of jellyfish! The dolphins didn’t seem to have any problem with any of the jellies but we tried to give them their distance! After a great afternoon full of dolphins we finally had to head in under the setting sun. Let’s hope tomorrow is another fantastic day! 

Until next time,

Janan, Cat & Kel