Well, hello adult spotted dolphins…

Bimini2010_T4_SfGroupFriday’s dolphin trip was filled with enthusiastic passengers. We left the harbor shortly before 1600 with Bill & Nowdla Keefe. This winter has been particularly windy, so we were eager to be on the boat in calm seas! Our first sighting was of 3 – 4 bottlenose dolphins. The group was traveling and showed no interest in the boat. So, after a quick glimpse, we continued in search of more dolphins. We were not disappointed as only minutes later there was a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins! At first there were 7 adult dolphins and they were soon joined by a large bottlenose dolphin. We were able to get a quick glimpse of the group underwater, but they were more interested in themselves than us! We continued to enjoy the show from the boat as the group size grew to ten animals – all adults who were involved in a busy mating ball. Un-named ID#24 was in the group, and I suspect Lumpy (#17) was there too. The passengers got another underwater look while I stayed aboard the boat for surface photographs – like this one here! 

We’re gearing up for the busy dolphin trip season, so field reports will be coming through more regularly! 

Until then,