Everybody’s Surfing!

Bimini2010_T52_TtIf we thought yesterday was windy, Mother Nature gave a new sense of perspective! Monday was windier and the waves were larger. The passengers aboard the boat were great sports and kept smiles on their faces throughout the trip. After a bumpy start at 16:30, we made it out of the harbor and braved the coastal waters in search of dolphins. Unfortunately due to the wind, we couldn’t go out very far so we did lots of slow loops along the length of Bimini. After lots of patience and a thorough soaking, we saw 3 bottlenose dolphins at about 18:40 riding the waves. They did some bow riding but today even our boat couldn’t compare to the size of the natural waves. They gave us a good show, surfing waves in unison. Once we lost sight of them, we headed home wet and happy.  

Until the next trip,

Janan, Cat & Kel