Sun & Surf!

Sunday was a day filled in the water – lots and lots of water. We learned about the boat this morning and how to safely climb to the bow from the stern. We learned how to slip into the water from the boat and then how to pull ourselves back onto the boat. We did lots of snorkeling – from shore and from the boat. 

Jack: Liam, Sam, Athan, E and I all made a song about Bimini on the boat while we were searching for dolphins. (Once we get video, we’ll post to the DCP web site for all to see). 

Emily: when I went snorkeling at Atlantis I saw a “Dori” fish – blue tang.  

Porter: I liked looking around the Atlantis Road while snorkeling. 

Stephanie: although we did not see any dolphins, I still had fun snorkeling from the boat.  

Gabrielle: we saw a ton of tropical fish that we normally see in aquariums.  

Athan: while looking for dolphins we saw a flying fish, and a swimming crab at the surface.  

Becca: we saw lots of fish and some I did not know what they were. We saw sting rays while snorkeling and from the boat. 

Ben: I got sick for part of the ride, but other than that is was good! 

Sarah: while practicing snorkeling we found sea glass and also little fish swam around my feet. 

Liam: there were no dolphins but it looked like there were dolphins because of the white caps in the water. 

Sam: we saw lots of colorful fish when we went snorkeling at the thought to be site of Altantis city 

E: I enjoyed seeing the very big variety of animals – fish – under water. We didn’t see any dolphins but I had lots of fun on the boat. 

Bill: The currents were very strong and harder to swim in than a pool. And I had lots of fun. 

Gary: We started a beautiful day in paradise with a delicious pot of coffee and a beautiful sunrise. And, ended it with an amazing afternoon in water almost bluer than Paul Newman’s eyes. 

Alexis: As a swimmer I was very, very impressed today with how well all the DCP DRTs did with some underwater current and a bit of chop.  

John (chaperone/filmmaker): we were entertained by the foredeck barbershop quintet practicing their new song on the bow of our boat for the DCP DRTs.  

Our afternoon boat trip was a long survey that took us roughly 8 miles from Bimini. We searched but the dolphins had other plans today … Tomorrow brings to us a mangrove tour and another dolphin trip. Our fingers are crossed in hopes that we will see and swim with dolphins. Then we can help with the research! 

Till tomorrow,

Kel, Kathleen & the DCP DRTs