A strange, squall-y Father’s Day

Bimini2010_T32_WaterSpoutToday’s boat trip was scheduled to depart at 1300; however, the squalls were also apparently scheduled for this time. As we waited for the bad weather to pass, I caught up on brainstorming and document editing. By 1600, we were finally given the go ahead to depart. We headed up the coast of Bimini, curious as to whether or not we would see dolphins before being driven home by the nasty weather.  

We were in luck! We saw dolphins quickly and the group size was well over a dozen. Initially the dolphins were all together, but they abruptly scattered and it seemed they may have been feeding. Over the course of the afternoon, passengers got two swims – one with a quick glimpse of dolphins and one with a bit longer viewing. We saw many calves, a very old, white spotted adult, Tina (#14), un-named #24 and 92 and possibly un-named #89. We also got a good view of a well formed water spout (pictured here). Luckily, there was plenty of room between us and this spectacle! 

Until next time,