Slightly choppy seas, but great dolphins

Bimini2010_T25_CalfSilThe wind had picked up slightly for Saturday’s dolphin trip, but it still great conditions for finding dolphins. I departed for the trip without the MVA, but was then invited to observe the dolphins under water while the film crew was working. So, it turned into a rare opportunity for me to personally collect some still photographs. Video and acoustic data are the priority, but still photographs can go a long way to supplementing our digital photo-ID catalog. There are quite a few photographs of adults that I will have to try to match to a catalogued animal. In total, there were 10 dolphins, including Buster (#04) and Trudy (#57). There were also two calves in the group, pictured here.  

A new “dolphin week” with Bill & Nowdla starts tomorrow. Can’t wait to meet the new passengers! 

Until then,