Bottlenose, spotteds and….squalls

Bimini2010_T23_TtWe left the dock today at 1540 with high hopes of finding dolphins. Soon we were in the “dolphin grounds” and there they were….a group of at least 5 bottlenose dolphins. Included in the group is the dolphin pictured here – we need to compare the shape of and nicks in the dorsal fin, but at first glance we suspect this is a “new” animal! It is possible, of course, that it is an already cataloged individual who has new nicks. We were unfortunately dealing with some added boat traffic in the area. Rather than crowd the dolphins, we headed in search of others.  

As we kept our eyes on the developing squalls, we saw splashes. And the splashes were not dolphins. Sigh. But, soon there were dolphins! Six young Atlantic spotted dolphins were soon near the boat, including Tilly (#87), un-named #91 and four other young dolphins. They were briefly interested in the boat, but then became too scattered to observe the group under water. Although we tried to find another group of dolphins, the approaching squalls meant it was time to get back to shore. A big thanks to for another great day in search of dolphins! 

More tomorrow,

Kel & Tara