Dolphins, dolphins, where are you?….Oh, there you are!

Bimini2010_T22_ID084On Monday’s trip we had high hopes of seeing the dolphins, but unfortunately they didn’t seem to want to be found! On Wednesday we were certain that we would see them. We left the dock around 1530 and looked and looked for them. We saw a few fake-out splashes, but finally we found them! At first we only saw one Atlantic spotted dolphin, which is very unusual, so we were confident there were more in the area. Sure enough, once we starting searching, we saw scattered dolphins all around! It looked like they were feeding and we were not close enough to identify individuals. But, then a group of three calves came by the boat. They were soon joined by un-named #84 and Tilly #87. The calves put on quite a show with their leaping! Then we were able to have a 10 minute swim with them. In this picture, you can see un-named #84 taking a breath. All in all, it was a great day! 

Until tomorrow,

Kel & Tara