More dolphins!

Bimini2010_T19At 1500 it was time for another unexpected dolphin trip – no complaints here! Today’s trip was with two filmmakers, so it was set up to be my first observation of the dolphins with SCUBA divers. The seas were very calm, but we still couldn’t help but wonder if the dolphins would be a no show. Then…we saw them. Then…we didn’t. We waited for a few minutes and sure enough, there they were. It was a large group with at least 6 spotteds and 4 bottlenose. They were definitely more into each other than us or the boat though, so we headed in search of others. Closer the island we saw a leaping calf and distant (presumed) mother. We followed them for a bit and soon we could see at least 10 dolphins, including un-named #43 (and calf) and #91. The dolphins gave a nice show to the videographers and even I was able to get some nice photos! Many were of calves though, so the photo-ID use will be limited. All in all, another great day! 

Until next time,