Rain? Who cares, we have dolphins!

Wednesday morning we reviewed photos and videos from yesterday’s trip and chatted about dolphins. Two of us opted to take a mangrove tour, which included a visit to Bimini’s “Healing Hole,” a natural sulfur spring located within the mangroves. It was nice to see the “other” side of Bimini! On the boat, we headed straight in search of dolphins. We were not disappointed as we found a mother/calf group very quickly! Some of the same dolphins were there as we saw on Tuesday, including Niecey (#48 – with calf?) and un-ID #91. We observed some great bow riding (7 dolphins at once!) before hopping in the water for an underwater encounter. The dolphins seemed slightly calmer than yesterday, but still full of energy. The young juveniles and calves were most interested in checking out the silly humans and enjoyed the interaction. Once we were back onboard, the crew determined that we needed to head back to the island, as there were a good number of thunderstorms in the area. A big thanks to the dolphins for visiting us so early! 

Tomorrow will be the last dolphin trip of the week! 

Until then,

Kel, Tara & the eco-tour guests