Welcome Tara & Hello Bottlenose!

Bimini2010_T12_TtmomandcalfOn Wednesday, Tara arrived in Bimini. She’ll be helping out at the field site for the next month or so. We spent the day completing orientation – where to go, what to do and testing out snorkeling equipment. We’re so glad to have her! 

Thursday was hot, but quite windy in Bimini. But, we were lucky enough to join an unexpected dolphin trip (www.biminiadventures.com). Thankfully the wind did not seem to bother the dolphins at all! Not too far from shore, we spotted a couple of bottlenose dolphins. After disappearing for a couple minutes, a whole group of them appeared! Most of them were seen surfing, and some put on an entertaining aerial show. One mother was also seen swimming with her calf (pictured here) and passengers reported seeing as many as three calves underwater while we stayed on the boat collecting surface photographs and observations. Later in the trip, we saw a group of offshore (aka oceanic) bottlenose dolphins, which are larger and darker than their coastal counterpart. Unfortunately, these dolphins did not surface very often, so we’ll need to review our photos to see if we caught any on “film.” Overall, the trip was filled with dolphins, and everyone enjoyed their trip! 

Until next time,

Kel & Tara