Flat seas!

Bimini2010_T11_056Wow. Saturday was HOT. But hot in Bimini usually means calm seas and today it was definitely calm! It felt like we could see forever… 

The dolphins, unfortunately were nowhere to be seen. We looked and we looked. And we looked some more. Then – splashes. Big splashes. Lots of splashes. Sure enough, it was dolphins! The group of Atlantic spotted dolphins was scattered, but relatively large with at least 15 individuals in the area. There were lots of bait fish and sea birds, but the dolphins did not seem interested in the small fish. We did see them chasing a couple of mackerel though! From the boat, we were able to see Buster (#04), Cerra (#38) Lone Star (#56 – pictured here), Tim (#69), un-named #75 and quite a few calves. What a fantastic day! Thanks to everyone onboard for their enthusiasm! 

Until next time,