Goodbye UNB ;-(

Bimini2010_T10_TtLPGFriday morning began with a farewell to the UNB Squad. So, everyone reading is stuck with me again! It was a great week with the students – I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did! 

It was a quick turnaround as I joined another dolphin trip ( The sun was shining and the heat was up, but everyone was excited to see some dolphins! We were not disappointed and saw several different groups throughout the afternoon. When all was said and done, we saw Romeo (#10), Split Jaw (#22), Cerra (#38) – with male calf? – Billy (#64), Stefran (#82), Juliette’s un-named calf, #93, un-named #84 and #91 as well as several other dolphins I was not able to ID from the boat. The passengers all got a good look under water too! 




As we got ready to head back toward Bimini, a small group of bottlenose dolphins passed through. They gave us quite the aerial show (pictured here) as we drove off! 

Another trip tomorrow,