Calm seas and old “friends”

 The seas were calm, the sun was shining and the water was clear and blue. It feels like summer is here! We headed to the “dolphin grounds” eager for a big sighting. We had a very brief sighting of a single adult Atlantic spotted dolphin. It is very unusual to see only one; it is possible there were others close by, but this individual didn’t seem keen to stay by the boat, so we were on our way in search of others. We weren’t disappointed as we soon came upon Finn (#09), Romeo (#10) and a young juvenile. Everyone got a quick glimpse of the group under water. Back at the boat, we continued to watch Finn and Romeo who were then joined by Tina (#14). After they swam away, and were headed back toward the island, we came upon a group of 5 bottlenose dolphins. A great day!


Until tomorrow,