Final bottlenose sighting of 2009?

BiminiDec09_Tt18It was a slightly choppy day in the dolphin grounds, but the sun was shining! We didn’t get a chance to see any spotted dolphins, but we did four bottlenose dolphins! They were surfing the swells and it even looked like they might have been pursuing some small fish. If that was the case, it may be the first time I have ever seen bottlenose dolphins feeding in any way other than bottom grubbing (aka crater feeding).


I think I’ll be able to ID at least three of the four individuals, including Tt#18, seen here. 

The winds are forecasted to pick up from tomorrow and stay up into the weekend. So, it looks like today may have been the final dolphin trip of 2009. Thank you to everyone who made 2009 a great year! 

Until next year,