Atypical days…

While the seas have not been completely flat, they have been much more enjoyable than earlier this week. So, we thought for sure we would see some of Bimini’s spotted dolphins. On Thursday we had a part exciting, part frustrating day (at least it was for me). We did see a group of 6 spotted dolphins and although guests (and myself) did not get a good look at the dolphins underwater, we did enjoy the show from the boat. But, here’s the exciting part: I am suspicious of these dolphins. By that I mean that I suspect they may not have been “Bimini” dolphins at all. There was an atypical coloration pattern on a young individual and distinct markings on two of the adults that I was not familiar with. The frustrating part? They didn’t come close enough for me to document their markings with photo or video. So, I’ll have to wait to see them again – and hope my memory doesn’t let me down. 

Bimini2009_T59_TtOn Friday, we had a rare morning dolphin trip. Because we do not have very many in the early part of the day, I never know what to expect. The water was a beautiful Bimini blue at high tide and late in the trip we saw a group of at least 18 bottlenose dolphins! It was amazing to see such a large group and exciting to see an older calf among them. I have plenty of dorsal fin photographs to sort now! This week will be quiet in terms of boat time. Although I will miss being on the water, I will appreciate some much needed down time – and time to catch up preliminary data analysis and entry. 

Until next time,