Some data, some time off and some searching

Bimini 2009_Talk to Chicago City Day SchoolFriday began with a presentation to a group of students from Chicago City Day School aboard the Coral Reef II. The group was filled with enthusiasm for both dolphins and the days of exploring the marine biology of the Bimini area that lie ahead of them. Thank you for your great questions and I hope your trip is going great!


 I spent the rest of Friday working on data entry before enjoying a much needed day off on Saturday. Today I’m keeping a close eye on the tropics as Tropical Storm Ana and Bill are now out there. The forecast for the week is a bit windy, but hopefully it will calm down enough to continue to search for dolphins. Today’s trip was a bit short and a bit bumpy, and even though we did not see dolphins, this week’s passengers are hopeful for the remainder of the week! 

Until next time,