Thank you spotted dolphins!

Today’s trip did not disappoint. The boat passengers enjoyed another snorkel at the Bimini Road. But, soon, it was time to search for dolphins. We were lucky enough to come upon a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins at 1803. There were at least 4 individuals; I think that Freckles (#15) and Cleopatra (#41) were in the group with two youngsters, but I’ll need to confirm when reviewing video. After approximately 15 minutes observing the group under water, off they went. As we traveled back toward Bimini, we kept our eyes open, hoping for more dolphins (not to be greedy ;-). And guess what?! We saw another, larger group at 19:05. Included in this group were Lone Star (#56), Stefran (#82), un-named #92 (believed to be the calf of Niecey #48). It is possible that Cerra (#38) was in the group along with several calves. What a great week! 

More trips soon,