No dolphins? No! Dolphins!

Bimini09_Sf_Trip53On Monday the group headed out and began their dolphin trip with a snorkel at Bimini Road, aka Atlantis. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, but they were most excited for dolphins. We searched and searched, but unfortunately, we did not see any dolphins….Although disappointed, we all agreed that it was a beautiful boat ride and looked forward to another trip.

So, on Tuesday the boat headed out a slightly earlier. And – we were not disappointed! We saw scattered spotted dolphins early and were thrilled to watch as they leapt through the air in pursuit of prey. We didn’t see exactly what kind of fish they were, but soon, the feast was over and it was time to observe the group underwater. All of the people had a nice interaction with the dolphins, which included Lumpy (#17), Lone Star (#56) and un-named (#91). For my part, I was able to confirm that ID#91 is in fact female! We also got a quick glimpse of Lil’ Jess (#35) on the bow of the boat.

 Until next time,