Goodbye bottlenose, Goodbye Bimini, Goodbye Interns

Saturday morning started with excitement, but it was far away from dolphins. Twenty contestants from the Miss Universe contest arrived on Bimini. They were greeted by natives, tourists, junkanoo and a marching band. It was a great celebration! The women (Miss Great Britain, Russia, Georgia, El Salvador, Singapore, France, Spain…just to name a few) were presented with Bimini09_Tt_Trip50gifts from the island before their island tour, filled, no-doubt, with photo-ops. I think it was a nice way for Vicki and Alexis to say goodbye to Bimini! 

But, no goodbyes before dolphin trip #50 of 2009! We headed out shortly after 1600, scanning, searching and hoping for dolphins. There it was – a blow. Seeing the blow left us confident we were approaching bottlenose dolphins as it is more unusual to see the blow of spotteds. Sure enough, a group of at least 8 bottlenose dolphins were scattered about. The boat passengers, Alexis and Vicki all had the chance to observe the group under water while I stayed aboard taking surface photographs of the dolphins’ dorsal fins. There are lots of photographs to process; I miss the interns already! 

Back on land, we had a nice final dinner together. I cannot believe how quickly the month has flown by – but I think (hope!) Vicki and Alexis enjoyed their time with DCP. If you are college-aged and interested in a field internship with DCP, stay tuned for application details later this fall. 

Until tomorrow,