Two bottlenose mother/calf pairs

Friday’s dolphin trip once again only had one research space available, so Kel headed out solo. We left the dock earlier than usual and everyone was happy to be moving, generating some breeze on yet another very hot day. It was quite sunny out and while we hoped this would help in our search for spotted dolphins, we did not see any spotted dolphins. What we did see was a BIG dolphin leap. Unfortunately, we did not see anything more of that animal. A short time later four bottlenose dolphins surfaced near the boat. It appeared to be two mother/calf pairs. Off the top of my head, this may be the first time I (Kel) have ever seen that group composition here in Bimini. They were not too interested in the boat, but hopefully we can make some IDs from the surface photographs. 

Alexis and Vicki have been busy finishing up their data projects, but also enjoying their last days on Bimini. Stay tuned for their final field report tomorrow! 

-Kel, Vicki & Alexis