Patience, patience, patience

Bimini 2009 Juliette's calfThis morning was data, email and program development filled. This afternoon, I had to leave the Vicki & Alexis on land as there was only one research space available on the boat. Today’s lesson: patience. We dodged a large rain squall and regularly asked the sun to come out so that we could more easily see the dolphins when they arrived. But, even though that didn’t happen, the dolphins still found us! In the group of four were Juliette (#12), her calf (#93), Tilly (#87) and un-named #91. It was so late in the day that the still camera could not manage too many pictures, but in this silhouette you can see #93’s scarred pectoral fin. 

Tomorrow is hopefully a mostly-day-off with a dolphin to follow on Saturday!

-Kel, Alexis & Vicki