Thank you Dolphins!

Bimini 2009_T44_ID78Saturday’s dolphin trip was cancelled due to a huge thunderstorm that was headed our way.  Luckily, the storm cleared up and we were able to reschedule for today (Sunday).  It was clear skies and the boat pulled out of the harbor around 1620.  We were out for about an hour and a half without any sightings so we decided to stop for a swim break to cool down.  Everybody jumped in and got recharged for the last hour and a half of the trip.  After a few possible sightings (@1843, 1847, & 1858) it was starting to get dark and hopes were dwindling.  But, right around 1924 there they were… spotteds!  The excitement on the boat was immeasurable!  We saw Nemo (#76), unnamed #25, #78 (pictured here), #79, #87 and possibly Vincent (#11) and Tim (#69).  We all got in the water with them and they swam with us for about twenty minutes.  We were racing against sunset, so as soon as they split so did we.  A few spotteds raced to the bow for a sunset bowride, including Split Jaw (#22), Lil Jess (#35) and, we think, Billy (#64).  The boat pulled into the dock about 2035 with very happy people. What a surprising trip! 

Vicki, Alexis, and Kel


PS: Are you interested in supporting DCP through our Name-A-Dolphin program? You can give a name to Bimini spotted dolphin #78 – click here for details.