I think we’re getting spoiled

Tuesday was another fantastic day. It started “early” with a post-lunch dolphin talk with the passengers. They had great questions and stories to share – thank you! By 1530 it was time to leave the dock and although it took some time to find the dolphins, dolphins we found. The overall numbers were large (at least 15?) but as the individuals were scattered it was difficult to get a firm count. We did see Lil’ Jess (#35), Split Jaw (#22), un-named #91 and several calves and adults. But, perhaps the most interesting was the bottlenose dolphins that spent time on the periphery of the group and then became surrounded by adult spotted dolphins as they touched the bottlenose and slowly swam through the human group. I’m hoping once I slow down the video footage I will be able to confirm that the bottlenose was female and get a view of the dorsal fin to see if she is already in our photo-ID catalog. 

Until next time,