After a windy week, a great final day

Well, our patience paid off. After a windy and nearly dolphin-less week, we had a great day. We saw bottlenose dolphins very early and I was able to collect quite a few dorsal fin photographs.  Later in the afternoon it was a scattered group of at least 16 spotted dolphins. In the mix were: Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Juliette (#12) and her calf (who will likely be given ID#93), Tina (#14), Swoosh (#36) and her male calf, Lone Star (#56), un-named #25 (and her calf), 84, 91 and 92. Perhaps most exciting, however, was the very young calf who swam quickly through the group. I hope that I can ID the mother when I review the video, but I did note what appeared to be fetal folds on the calf! I have never observed a calf this young, under water, in Bimini before!


A couple of days off, then the start of a new “dolphin week” on Sunday,