No more students, but plenty of dolphins!

Wednesday’s boat trip was about as quick and easy as they come. We headed out with Bimini Undersea at about 1600. At 1705, we had our first of two sightings. White Blotch (#29) and un-named #43 were both riding the bow with two other adults and a young juvenile. I’m hoping I got some video footage, albeit it brief, of the juvenile who I suspect is White Blotch’s 2004 calf. She’ll be turning 5 years old later this summer and shouldn’t have too much more time with mom. This group was moving, so we headed to some splashes in the distance. The only ID I was able to make from the boat was Tilly (#87). I recorded some of Tilly under water, but the encounter was dominated by two young, male juveniles. These guys only had a few faint spots, but one had a relatively fresh injury to his peduncle (shark?). It will be very interesting to review this video! 

Tired and happy, we headed back to shore. I’m hoping for another dolphin trip on Saturday! 

Until then,