Trip #6 is the charm

Today was great. The dolphin boat was a little late leaving the dock, but there were no complaints as we came upon a scattered group of Atlantic spotted dolphins early. In the mix was White Blotch (#29), but most of the dolphins seemed to be moving west to the deep water. We followed two older calves for a bit in the other direction, but soon they were gone. We were hopeful there would be more dolphins and we were not disappointed. A group of 6 energetic juvenile and young adult spotteds were soon on the bow. In the group were Split Jaw (#22), Lil’ Jess (#35), Billy (#64), Tim (#69), and un-named #78 and #87. After a busy 30+ minute swim, it was back to boat and then home! 

Thanks to the dolphins and the passengers for a great day! 

Until next time,