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And spotteds we found!  First, we were joined by an older calf and the well-known adult female, White Blotch (#29).  The little one spent a lot of time riding the bow of the boat while White Blotch occasionally joined and then seemed to pull the young one away…After a few cycles of this, they were gone.  About 20 minutes later we came upon a group of 10 spotteds who were then joined by 2 bottlenose – and close by, a sea turtle and trailing remora!  It was a quad-species event!  With over 20 minutes of video, I was quite pleased with the day!  For you adopt-a-dolphin parents out there, we saw Juliette (#12), Tina (#14), Nemo (#76), possibly Cerra (#38 – again with a calf!), un-named #78 and #84 (the offspring of #57).Here’s hoping for another great day tomorrow!