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It was only when we neared home, with the setting sun, that we saw them.  A group of at least 11 coastal bottlenose dolphins were cruising north.  We were able to observe them from the boat for about 15 minutes before they went to the bottom and were on their way.  Bottlenose ID#s 01, 17, 20 and possibly 14 were there.  The most interesting note though, is that I saw a dorsal fin that looked an awful lot like Bottlenose ID#14 not from Bimini, but from Orange Cay, 60 miles south of here.  Unfortunately, I could not get a photograph of this animal, so right now it’s just a hunch.  But, starting at the end of May, I should be back up & running, taking more dorsal fin photographs than I know what to do with allowing me to continue to build and compare photo-ID catalogs!

There may be another dolphin trip in the next couple of days, but it may depend on what the weather does (as always).  Then the season really starts on Sunday!

Until then,